Dopey Challenge 2017

That’s right, bitches, I’m a PERFECT DOPEY ’cause I’m too legit, too legit to quit. Mostly, I’m too stubborn to not have legacy status in something at this point. Like Elaine with her Atomic Subs card, I just want the free sub, quality be damned.


I didn’t have a lot of running work put in behind this but I’ll be damned if I didn’t have the kind of experience I need for this trip, which was going with the flow when things don’t go as planned. My sister dropped out of going, so I picked up Kellie. My room wasn’t ready when it was supposed to be so I got a $200 resort credit. There was no half marathon, so I made my own and it ended up being BETTER than the real half marathon ever was.

img_0469When you don’t have an actual medal for your 13.1 miles, you just go ahead and put that luggage tag on a shoestring. I had a really great week all around.


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