Dopey Challenge 2017: Day 2

The expo has slowly become less and less fun over the years. Personally, I’ve gotten to a point where I really like to relax on vacation and not feel rushed and crowded and the expo has gone from leisurely shopping experience and sample pick up to “get me the fuck out of here as soon as possible.” The expo technically opened to the general public at 11am or something like that and for a Disney person 11am meant I had ample time to hit up a park before picking up my bib. I usually go first thing in the morning so it’s over and done with and I have the rest of the day to relax.

First stop: Magic Kingdom!

I finally got to see the Muppet show!!! Which, FYI, was just amazing. I loved it and went back to see it again a few times. After a few trips around the Magic Kingdom, I headed to the Contemporary to head to the expo where I also added to my list of “best bathrooms in Disney World.”  Magic Kingdom bathrooms are a no go for me, also low on the list are the bathrooms by Ohana at the Polynesian and those Grand Floridian bathrooms. I found this bathroom on the second level of the Contemporary–it was empty, pristine, and probably hadn’t been used in a week. This was the most exciting part of my day beyond Kellie’s arrival.

The line at the expo was annoying but it moved quickly and I managed to not purchase a lot. We returned to the expo the next day for some reason I can’t quite remember, though, and I finally purchased a pair of the New Balance Disney sneakers because I was crazy in love with them! img_0577They are Haunted Mansion themed and super comfortable. We didn’t wait on a line or anything just walked up and bought them like normal people shopping normally. I wore them after the marathon on Sunday and around the park on Monday and was just like “these are the best shoes I’ve ever purchased in my life aside from Chuck Taylors.”

I also got a magnet and an ornament that was way too expensive but I passed on everything else. All in all, I escaped with limited damage.

Next Up: WDW 5k


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