Dopey Challenge 2017: Day 1

2016-09-03-080842-1191959I headed to Orlando as has become my norm on the earliest JetBlue flight of the day from Washington to Orlando on Tuesday. I used to work a full day and then take an evening flight on Tuesday but since I started doing the Dopey Challenge, I’ve grown to really love being able to have a leisurely day at Disney that doesn’t involve any race activities.

I thought after I did it, I would seriously regret getting a DVC membership but honestly right now I feel like it’s the best thing I ever did for myself. Going to the Boardwalk for this week in January really does feel like I’m going “home,” and I just love being there. IMG_8696-0

I arrived at the Boardwalk around noon and the room wasn’t ready yet but I’d changed things up this year and ordered an Amazon Prime Pantry box of stuff for the room. Instead of bringing my toiletries with me, for $30 I had shampoo, soap, face wash, back up hair ties, assorted toiletries, snacks, sunscreen, and bottled water shipped to the room. It worked out really well and I will definitely do next January. Saved loads of room in the carry on. At check in, the front desk guy said the box was at the business center and I had to pick it up before 5pm when they closed. Ok, cool, no problem. I took out my change of clothes for Florida weather that I put in my carry on, changed in the bathroom, and then left my stuff with bell services.

img_0222img_0223Since I was coming back to get this freaking box before 5, I decided it was time to finally try out the veggie burger at DLUXE, the burger place in Disney Springs. Holy Mary Mother of God, it was super duper crazy good. I know it sounds weird that I, a person who generally speaking doesn’t like meat, was intent on going to a burger place, but you gotta get your non-meat options where you can. I hoarded extra fry sauces and returned again with Kellie who vouched that the meat and alcoholic milkshakes were on par with my assessment of the veggie burger.

I roamed around some and then headed back to the Boardwalk because I wanted to make sure I got The Box. 4pm is the standard check in time for DVC reservations as opposed to 3pm for regular hotel rooms. I hung out at the pool and when 4pm rolled around I still hadn’t gotten a text message about my room being ready so I headed back to the front desk. Jim behind the desk was super nice and said he would check into why my room wasn’t ready. He said to come back in 15 minutes. Cool.

30 minutes later, it turns out the people who had been staying in what was now my room had simply decided not to leave and were in fact still camped out in there at 4pm. Mousekeeping needed time to clean the room, so basically I wasn’t getting a room until at least 6 pm and apparently they couldn’t put me in another room because there were no other rooms to put me in for the duration of my stay. I was really surprised. I mean, when I stay DVC housekeeping is banging down my door for me to get out at 7am usually. I really just wanted to sit somewhere quiet, shower, and relax and to put The Box. Jim assured me the box would get delivered (what? I don’t have to haul it myself??) and then Tim came out to explain the situation. Tim and Jim together were great and Tim offered me $150 resort credit for dinner and Jim said to make it an even $200. I agreed reluctantly.

I’m not crazy or unreasonable, I just like being able to go to my hotel room, unpack, go through my race stuff, make sure everything is accounted for, etc. Plus, I super smelled like airplane. At 5:00pm, my room was ready and I called bell services to have them drop off The Box and my suitcase and headed to Epcot for dinner and some rides after I freshened up in my room. Imagine my surprise when there was a box and no suitcase in the room when I got back. I called again, asked for my suitcase. An hour went by, still not suitcase. Turns out, they lost my bag and couldn’t find it. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I’m fine, no reason to panic, it just had my now 2 years out of date running sneakers in it that I needed for a marathon on Sunday. Whatever.

My girlfriend was saved from a dramatic over the phone re-enactment of all this when someone knocked and was like, “Surprise! We found your suitcase!” I also got a bag of salt water taffy welcoming me to my room. Unfortunately, I hate salt water taffy and have some big dental problems right now. But the thought was sweet.

It was all worth it, though, because I basically ate for free for the entire week of my stay!


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