Donald Duck on the Cheap and Quick

When I found out I’ll be doing the WDW marathon weekend 5k on Friday, I had to come up with something that was a) cheap, b) cheap, and c) quick.

What You'll Need

What You’ll Need

In this picture we have all the materials you’ll need to make a no-sew Donald Duck costume: 1 tech shirt from Target’s clearance bin ($9), some left over red ribbon, white trim, and blue fabric from the Wine and Dine costume, some large multi colored buttons, and white out.

1. Find a good blue shirt. Can be a t-shirt from Target, Old Navy, etc. It’s just a 5k, don’t go spending your savings.

2. The ribbon is easier to work with than fabric. Fashion it into a bow shape and hot glue it into a safety pin.

Back of the Bow

Back of the Bow

Front of the bow

Front of the bow

3. Buttons. Donald’s got those great buttons on his shirt and all I had were colorful ones so how do you make colorful buttons all white? White-out! I painted them with white out and then hot glued a safety pin on the back.


Back of the button


Front of the button

4. The collar… I’ve talked about collars before, just cut a rectangle out of felt and glue some safety pins to the back so you can attach it to your shirt. The white trim in the picture is called “bias tape” and is available at craft stores that sell sewing supplies, usually costs less than $3/package and will come in different widths.

And ta da! You have your shirt for basically under $15 and guess what? Everything is removable so when the race is over you can take the details off and use the shirt as a regular running shirt or even use the details on another shirt!

Donald Duck

Donald Duck

The petticoat is also a leftover from the W&D (still has the blue trim sewn on) and the yellow stockings are from Target ($5). I’ll cut the bottom so I can wear regular socks during the race and just have to find something I can wear underneath the really shear petticoat so everyone doesn’t see my underwear… It is, after all, a “family” fun run.


3 thoughts on “Donald Duck on the Cheap and Quick

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  2. Hi just found this while looking around for Donald Half costume ideas. This is so cute! I”m always impressed by crafty and sew-y people. So I just HAD to say Kudos!

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