Superhero 1/2 Marathon

My first 1/2 marathon was almost exactly 5 months after the first day I ran. It was May 20, 2012 and called the Superhero 1/2 Marathon. Why did I run it? Because I wanted to wear a costume and once I decided on Sailor Moon I was all set to go. No, really, it was that simple.

I started out on the plan suggested by the race website, then realized it simply wasn’t going to happen. I ended up running the long runs on the weekends and then doing my own variation on the weekday runs. I guess it worked–I mean, I finished. My friend was also running, but she just showed up the morning of. She’s that awesome–she can just decide to run a 1/2 marathon and go out and do it.

The course itself was a 6.1 mile loop through a scenic part of Morristown and most of it was on a trail through the park then back out onto the roads for two hills that were incredibly painful the second time around.  The aid stations and volunteers were great though, everyone was really friendly and I ended up talking with a few people who ran at the same pace as me. The up side to the race is that the park area is well shaded, people put their sprinklers out on their lawns to cool you off, there’s a relay option, and everyone’s having a good time. The definite downside to the race is that it’s a loop–so you have to run past the finish line! But I definitely knew what it felt like to be a character at Disney–people wanted to take pictures with me and quite a few spectators would yell out, “SAILOR MOON!!!” One girl around mile 5 and 10 yelled out, “Where’s Tuxedo Mask?! He’s not man enough to show up!?” Tuxedo Mask is Sailor Moon’s love interest. It wasn’t the really popular wonder woman costume, but the people who recognized me definitely were enthusiastic about it.

I don’t usually take photos at races. I can’t be bothered. But for those who are curious, here is a photo taken of me during the start. I ran dressed as Sailor Moon. Would the costume pass the muster at Comic-con? Absolutely not, but in all fairness those people just have to walk around in theirs–I had to run 13.1 miles.

The first Sailor Moon

The Running Sailor Moon

There was a butt bow in the back, too. This costume basically consisted of a white leotard and everything I cobbled together: I sewed together the skirt, the bows on the front and back, the necklace and a matching pairs of gloves that it ended up being too hot for. The moon on the necklace was hot glued sequins I cut up, the headband was actually a regular headband but I hot glued on gold fabric and red sequins, and did the same for that button (underneath it’s a Disney birthday button they give out). Everything I sewed was hot glued onto the leotard and underneath I had my underskirt pants.

I will absolutely do this one again next year. I plan on going as Princess Toadstool from Super Mario Bros., though. I’m justifying it by saying in Super Mario Bros. 2 she was her own woman and didn’t need to be saved.


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