Final Arrangements Have Been Made

The Disneyland Half Marathon was in many respects a fluke on my part, hence the somewhat lackluster planning. After I started running in January (the exact same weekend as marathon weekend in Disney World) I initially signed up for the Wine and Dine half marathon in November but I got impatient and antsy and signed up for a local 1/2 in May (see Superhero 1/2 Marathon). After the Superhero, I went sniffing around for another Disney race because I was in bad need of a fix.

Long story short (too late) Disney posted on Facebook that there were slots open for the Disneyland 1/2 through a travel agent. I committed, got my registration and a 1 day park pass through Hsubu, and now I’m getting ready to leave in two days. The problem with registering this late was that I wasn’t able to get a Disneyland hotel like I had wanted. For my fellow Disney Worlders, when I called and they said I could stay “at a good neighbor hotel.” I said, “wait, you mean… off property? I NEVER stay off property.” Dawn recognized my vocabulary and immediately explained the differences between Disneyland and Disney World, the woman was a saint.

Reservations were reluctantly made for the Sheraton Park, miles were cashed in for American Airlines tickets to John Wayne, and the weekend was set. Stephanie Fluitt at Hsubu was really nice and always answered my emails and they were even willing to mail me my park ticket for no extra charge. I never use a travel agent for anything, but this worked out well enough.

For anyone else considering a Coast to Coast trip I would definitely suggest planning ahead of time. The race fills up fast as do the hotel options so the longer you leave it the less you have to choose from.


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