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Goal Times

I’m going on my… Second year of running? No, wait, third. Wow. Has it been that long? Feels like just a few months. Anyway. So the thing is, as someone who had never run a day in my life, I basically took it as goal accomplished if I was able to finish a race before … Continue reading

4 Weeks and Running

One word became my rallying cry this week. It was not good and I was not sufficiently rallied. Funny thing about running, I’m not really reliable. Much like my personality, my pace is unpredictable and influenced by a myriad of known and unknown factors. It’s gotten to the point where I can’t predict who’s going … Continue reading

Don’t Fear the Speedster

There’s actually a lot to fear from speed workouts. I know people are all “you’ll get stronger!” but when you start doing them they basically just feel like a death march that leaves you doubled over dry heaving and wishing you’d made better life choices. Lest you feel like everyone else out there in the … Continue reading

I can run! I can run! (Kinda)

I can run! I can run! (Kinda)

Yesterday was another successful run in the sense that I went outside, did all 4 miles without sitting down and gasping for air and did all of them at the recommended pace. It was technically a rest day and technically the next training day in the schedule was speed work but speed work with actual … Continue reading

The time of the season

The time of the season

First, congratulations to Danielle for winning a copy of Frozen, which is available today for HD digital download and in case anyone in the DC metro area (or DMV for short) forgot, Elsa sent a reminder this morning. Because #Frozen is out for digital download and Elsa knows how to make an entrance. pic.twitter.com/cfl4HTXxWO — … Continue reading

The Trifecta

Today was kinda my first day back doing anything. Let’s just say I’m a big fan of milking the marathon for all it’s worth. I even took the elevator to the third floor at work instead of the stairs and mentally justified it by saying “but I just did a marathon” even though taking the … Continue reading